Cornish Rock Broiler - Male

Cornish Rock Broiler - Male
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Our customers continue to be amazed at the outstanding performance they get from our cornish_rock_broilers. We often use the term "explode" when referring to their rapid growth. When you have broilers that are in the 5-6 pound DRESSED weight range at 49-5 days, that tells you something about the rapid growth of our Cornish-Rocks!

*Special Restriction Care* please be sure to check out the special feeding instructions for broilers in our Cornish Rock Care Section.

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Reviewed by pikipo
pikipo bought "Cornish Rock Broiler - Male" on our website
08/04/2016 - 03:40:12 PM
Cornish Rock broilers
I am impressed with this company. This is my first time ordering from them, and I ordered 25 Cornish Rock chicks. I got a phone call from Michelle letting me know when they would ship out, as well as a follow-up email with a tracking number. The chicks arrived the day after being shipped, and 2 extra were included. There was one loss during shipping, but I ended up with 26 very healthy chicks. Their prices are super competitive, and with free shipping, ordering from Whelp in the future is a no-brainer! I will be ordering all of my chicks from them from now on. Thanks Whelp!

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