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Cornish Rock Broiler - Straight Run

Cornish Rock Broiler - Straight Run
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Our customers continue to be amazed at the outstanding performance they get from our cornish_rock_broilers. We often use the term "explode" when referring to their rapid growth. When you have broilers that are in the 5-6 pound DRESSED weight range at 49-5 days, that tells you something about the rapid growth of our Cornish-Rocks!

*Special Restriction Care* please be sure to check out the special feeding instructions for broilers in our Cornish Rock Care Section.

Product Reviews

Reviewed by Ivyseggs
09/03/2015 - 11:35:41 AM

Very healthy

Over the course of this year (2015) We have ordered 300 of these birds and have had only 3 that died. This was due to over crowding at the heat lamp. They are fast growing, healthy birds, very much unlike some I have gotten in the past. Only 2 have gone down due to leg issues. Most all are healthy enough to go into tweener free range pens once tail feathers appear. I have had to hold zero back at this stage of growth, due to slow development. All have had wonderful growth rates of free range pasture after being fully feathered. This is the best group of broilers we have ever raised. Very impressed with the lack of growth or health issues. (purchased through our feed store Feeders Grain)
Reviewed by weaversheba
weaversheba bought "Cornish Rock Broiler - Straight Run" on our website
05/29/2015 - 01:13:39 AM

First time broilers

What awesome chicks!Used no heat lamp just a insulated box and lost only one chick.Have them free roaming at 4 weeks and even with thunderstorms they thrive with no problem.Will definitely be purchasing more in the future.
Reviewed by dragonwood
07/13/2014 - 11:26:03 AM

Suitable for pasture raising too

We raise ours on pasture, and these birds do just great. They love the grass, stay cleaner and healthier and live as long as you'd like... we always keep some a few extra weeks and have reached 12-13 pound dressed weight for holiday eating, yum. There will always be one or two birds in an order who don't make it, or get badly splayed legs or other problems, but overall we're very happy with these birds.
Reviewed by keshanley
07/04/2014 - 11:54:24 AM

Great Product, Great Value

Extremely happy with Welp's Cornish Cross.

Ordered 25 straight run CornishX and followed Welp's feeding directions exactly. Butchered at 8.5 weeks: All the males exceeded 7 lbs (dressed) and the females were all over 5 lbs.

I pastured them at 4.5 weeks. They ate grass, chased bugs and took dirt baths just like "real" chickens.

I started with Cornish cross 4 years ago. Have done different "heritage" breed meat birds as well as the "Ranger" variety. CornishX is the best bang for the buck and you are done in 6-9 weeks!

I ordered 30 more from Welp for the fall crop. The free shipping seals the deal over local grain store. Thank you for providing such a valuable product.
Reviewed by relostuff
relostuff bought "Cornish Rock Broiler - Straight Run" on our website
02/22/2014 - 07:33:54 PM


These birds grew so fast. We lost a few but only because of my bad management ie a few got out of the pen. Also very tasty, We no longer buy "store bought chicken". We order 60 chickens this year (2014).
Reviewed by terri9630
04/21/2013 - 09:59:15 PM


We've won Grand Champion broiler for 3 years now with these birds. We consistently get 8 to 10 pound birds at 8wks old.
Reviewed by bkollasch
bkollasch bought "Cornish Rock Broiler - Straight Run" on our website
01/02/2013 - 12:46:19 PM

Cornish Rocks

The best and most efficient bird available for meat.

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