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White Embden Gosling - Straight Run

White Embden Gosling - Straight Run
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White Embden Goose

Baby: Yellow and gray or a smoky color with orange or pink feet.

Mature: These geese are pure white in color, with an orange beak and feet. Wonderful eating bird and easier to dress because of the white plumage. Excellent for purebred showing.

Weight: 14-18 lbs. at 5 months.

Product Reviews

Reviewed by conny63malies
05/12/2014 - 07:31:55 AM

Couldn't be happier

I ordered 10 Embden goslings to be delivered ASAP. I was quite nervous as this was my first ever delivery of live poultry. Welp was extremely helpful. The goslings made the 1200 mile trip in two days. I got the liveliest bunch of little quackers I could ever hope for. There were no weak, dead or sickly goslings . All big and nice as they should be. I will def. order again.

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