Broiler, Slow White
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Slow White Broiler Chicken

Baby: Yellow.

Mature: White. A meat-type bird that does well in higher elevations.

Also, does not grow as fast as the Cornish Rock Broiler so can be kept longer to mature.

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Reviewed by davecarlson
11/07/2015 - 08:52:09 AM
slow growing broiler
This is a great breed. They look like my white rocks, only bigger. They are good egg layers and great meat birds. The feed requirements are less than the cornish-rock cross, so they can be raised alongside your other birds. I let mine free range. I think that these birds are dual purpose, and very healthy and well formed. I just won first place for each a cockerel and pullet at the state fair. I entered them as white rock as I believe them to be a good white rock show bird.
They roost at night at 4 feet but are not good flyers. I have had one out of ten go broody at 30 weeks.
Reviewed by
09/13/2014 - 06:46:30 PM
My perfect chicken!
These are actually some great layers! They lay a medium to extra large egg every other day pretty much, depending on which hen. I also get about two double or triple york eggs a week from them! As for meat these guys are great. They do take longer than the cronish cross but you can really tell when they are ready. The trick is to not let them go to long, they drop that broiler look for awhile and just grow frame, however they fill right back out when fully mature and did I say they lay too! They are fair foragers and just sweet little butter balls. Mine are only on their second laying season but they aren't slowing down yet. This is my breed from now on, I will be putting in another order soon.

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