Hatchery Choice Turkeys - Straight Run

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Hatchery Choice Turkeys

We will fill you order with our choice of the turkeys we offer. Although we cannot specify the breeds shipped, they will be top quality poults.

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Reviewed by Ivyseggs
09/04/2015 - 10:41:18 AM
Very happy
We got our 20 mixed in today (via our Sw Iowa feed store). Since we were late in the year no broad breasted were included. We LOVED this and wish there would be a non-broad breasted option through out the year. We were thrilled with the mix of breeds in the order of only 20 birds. Black Spanish, Blue Slate, Bourbon red, Midget white and even one white Holland. A great mix and much more variety then we expected. As always, healthy active poults. Will definalty order again in spring. I hope you set up a non braud breasted option that would be awesome!
Reviewed by bandeallen
bandeallen bought "Hatchery Choice Turkeys - Straight Run" on our website
05/17/2013 - 01:08:57 PM
I ordered 15 hatchery choice and got a wonderful selection of heritage and meat turkeys. Very pleased with the health and variety. Will order again.