Cornish Rock Broiler - Male

Cornish Rock Broiler - Male
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Our customers continue to be amazed at the outstanding performance they get from our cornish_rock_broilers. We often use the term "explode" when referring to their rapid growth. When you have broilers that are in the 5-6 pound DRESSED weight range at 49-5 days, that tells you something about the rapid growth of our Cornish-Rocks!

*Special Restriction Care* please be sure to check out the special feeding instructions for broilers in our Cornish Rock Care Section.

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Reviewed by Peggy
Peggy bought "Cornish Rock Broiler - Male" on our website
04/05/2017 - 02:25:19 PM
I ordered Cornish Rock Broiler's (MALE) for 4-3-2017 arrived on 4-5-2016. They were all alive. Vigorous, Fluffy, Healthy little guys. Thanks for the Extra's you sent also. Can't wait to see them grow and fill my freezer. Thanks for the fast shipping.
Reviewed by pikipo
pikipo bought "Cornish Rock Broiler - Male" on our website
08/04/2016 - 03:40:12 PM
Cornish Rock broilers
I am impressed with this company. This is my first time ordering from them, and I ordered 25 Cornish Rock chicks. I got a phone call from Michelle letting me know when they would ship out, as well as a follow-up email with a tracking number. The chicks arrived the day after being shipped, and 2 extra were included. There was one loss during shipping, but I ended up with 26 very healthy chicks. Their prices are super competitive, and with free shipping, ordering from Whelp in the future is a no-brainer! I will be ordering all of my chicks from them from now on. Thanks Whelp!

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