Polish - Silver Laced - Straight Run

Polish - Silver Laced - Straight Run
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Silver Laced Polish lay small to medium white eggs.  They are friendly and good show birds because of their stiking looks. Babies are black and silver with crests. Some have beards and muffs. Mature birds have silvery-white plumage with feathers laced in black. Females weigh 4.8 lbs. and males weigh 6 lbs.

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Reviewed by bridgettedunn
bridgettedunn bought "Polish - Silver Laced - Straight Run" on our website
08/05/2018 - 08:28:32 AM
Silver laced polish
I got 5, and they all arrived alive, healthy, and are beautiful. They have great personalities. Very pleased with my order. Would recommend to anyone looking for polish bantams.
Reviewed by michelerazey
michelerazey bought "Polish - Silver Laced - Straight Run" on our website
10/29/2017 - 11:44:33 AM
Silver Laced Polish Chicken
i have bought several of these along with other breeds these are a smaller baby then the regular size baby they are more delicate i would recommend not buying these at the same time as other breeds unless you plan on keeping them separate from others they do well with there breed only they seem too get picked on because of the size difference dont get me wrong they are very cute and not aggressive thats why they get picked on and yes i will buy them again but will be this breed only at a time

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