Khaki Campbell Duck - Straight Run

Khaki Campbell Duck - Straight Run
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Khaki Campbell Ducks are considered the best general-purpose ducks. They are one of the best layers of white colored eggs with a green tint. These ducks are excellent foragers, broody, hardy and flighty. Babies are mostly black or dark brown with a little white on their breasts. Mature ducks are brown, with males having touches of a darker brown and being similar in size to Mallards. At 12 to 15 weeks, females and males weigh 5-5.5 lbs. respectively.  CANNOT BE SHIPPED TO FLORIDA DUE TO STATE REGULATION.

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Reviewed by TaylorJoe
12/19/2018 - 08:25:05 AM
This could be great!
The prices would be great! I think this would be a steal, but the only thing I have somewhat of a problem with is the "minimum". I don't think that it should be so high, because I was planning on ordering just 5 ducks, but I have to buy 15! I do see what they are trying to do, they don't want the ducks to get cold or lonely, but I think that the minimum could just as easily be 10 with the same effect.

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