White Chinese Gosling - Straight Run

White Chinese Gosling - Straight Run
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White Chinese Goose

Baby: An all yellow color with an orange beak and feet.

Mature: These geese are pure white in color, have an orange beak and feet, and has a knob on top of their head. Hardy and the best laying of all geese. Lays more eggs than any other breeds and hatch well. Graceful as a swan and makes a good watch dogs.

Weight: 10-12 lbs. at 5 months

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Reviewed by Johnasepulveda
08/29/2018 - 03:58:26 AM
Easy to raise for first time goose owner
Ordered 10 goslings in May 2018. They arrived healthy and showed no signs of stress. They continued to thrive with a small amount of feed, as long as they had access to grass, which they preferred over feed. At about 6 weeks of age the were larger than my adult Pekin ducks, and have adorably quirky, friendly personalities. Love my "gooses" and Welp Hatchery has a loyal customer. Quality healthy stock and great prices!

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