Australorp - Black - Female

Australorp - Black - Female
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Black Australorps originated in Australia and were bred for egg production. They are excellent winter laying hens that produce brown eggs and need to be kept cool in the warmer, summer months. The breed is dual purpose as they are also good for meat. Black Australorps have a quiet and gentle temperament and stand confinement well. As babies, they are black with white underneath and small white patches around their head and wings. When mature they have black feathers with a greenish sheen. Bottoms of feet are all black. The typical weight for females is 5 lbs. and males is 7 lbs.

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Reviewed by Raybord69
Raybord69 bought "Australorp - Black - Female" on our website
05/06/2018 - 06:56:58 PM
Extremely good deal
Got 5 of these overly friendly hens they all arrived happy healthy and hungry these little gals jump right in my palm im glad i added this breed to my flock...and for the price its really a great deal
Reviewed by jtimes7
jtimes7 bought "Australorp - Black - Female" on our website
03/14/2015 - 04:27:47 PM
I ordered 5 of this breed and they were all healthy little peeps! Even shipped me one extra of this kind. Overall very happy with this purchase.

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