Delaware - Straight Run

Delaware - Straight Run
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Delawares are good show birds and setters. They are dual-purpose, lay large brown eggs and are a relatively new breed developed when Barred Plymouth Rock males and New Hampshire females mated in Delaware. The birds are light yellow with some having gray shading on their backs as babies. They are white with a slight barring of black in their neck and tail areas when mature. Females typically weigh 6 lbs. and males typically weigh 7 lbs.

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Reviewed by Gartht
Gartht bought "Delaware - Straight Run" on our website
06/24/2016 - 01:45:54 PM
Delaware Chickens
We have been growing and enjoying this breed for about 5 years now. The hens are good layers, the roosters grow to a nice size for eating. They are calm and gentle, very friendly.

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