Indian Red Jungle Fowl - Straight Run

Indian Red Jungle Fowl - Straight Run
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Indian Red Jungle Fowls lay tinted color eggs and are dual-purpose. The breed originated in India and it is claimed that all present varieties of chickens descended from them. They are excellent foragers. Mature birds are shades of yellow and light brown with dark streaks on their back. They also have dark streaks from their eyes towards the back of their heads. Babies are orange with black striping on their faces and back. Females typically weigh 3 lbs. and males typically weigh 4.5 lbs.

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Reviewed by sethbb6030
03/07/2015 - 05:17:44 PM
Great free range birds
If you are looking for a bird to let run free around your farm and outer buildings and hatch their own chicks this is the chicken for you. They are very alert and not easily seen by flying birds of pry. Calm disputation friendly and just a real delight when company comes always asking what a nice bard yard bird. They do well in confinement and lay fair to good of medium sized eggs.

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