Olive Egger-Female

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Olive Egger Chicken

Bird varies in color, most are a darker color. Most black with gold coloring around the neck. Olive Eggers are a cross between a Copper Maran and Ameracauna.  Egg color are the biggest selling point ranging from shades of green such as sage, olive and a very dark green.  They are excellent layers.
Mature weight: Hen 4.5 lbs Rooster 5 lbs

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Reviewed by Raybord69
Raybord69 bought "Olive Egger-Female" on our website
05/06/2018 - 07:08:10 PM
Olive eggers great deal
5 of these hybird gals they like to peck at my finger seem to be quite inquisative a 5 star addition to my flock ..very plump gals happy and healthy

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