Sex Link - Black - Female

Sex Link - Black - Female
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Black Sex Links are good layers of brown eggs, excellent free rangers and quiet birds. They are also known as Red Rock and Black Star and are a breed cross using Rhode Island males and Barred Plymouth Rock females. These are dual-purpose can be color-sexed as babies. Males have a white spot on the top of their heads, while females are completely black on the top of their heads. They are black with orange-gold on their neck, breast and tail areas. They typically weigh 6 lbs. for females and 7 lbs. for males.

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Reviewed by DAStroecker
DAStroecker bought "Sex Link - Black - Female" on our website
03/02/2021 - 12:05:17 AM
Healthy Chicks
I ordered 6 of these and 19 of another breed and this order of chicks was healthy and very active whenever I received them, no credit to USPS. Very pleased with my purchase.

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