Sex Link - Red - Female

Sex Link - Red - Female
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Red Sex Links are very efficient layers of large brown eggs and have excellent livability. They are also known as Golden Comet, Gold Star and Cinnamon Queen. The breed is a cross of Rhode Island Red males and Delaware or Light Sussex hens. These birds are quiet and easy to handle. Red Sex Links can be color-sexed immediately following hatching, with females being a salmon red color and males being white. They have red feathers with some white showing in the tail, neck and breast areas when mature. Their typical weights are 5 lbs. for females and 6 lbs. for males.

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Reviewed by jtimes7
jtimes7 bought "Sex Link - Red - Female" on our website
03/14/2015 - 04:31:55 PM
Ordered 5 of these and they all arrived healthy and on time! Very happy with purchase.
Reviewed by Bbstackr
11/23/2013 - 09:03:00 AM
Great layers
My Red Sexlinks from Welp hatchery are the most prolific layers I have ever had. They matured fast and laid continuously. They are the only birds I ever had lay through the winter without supplemental lights. I will be replacing them next spring at two years old and the replacements will definitely be from Welp. Great service and healthy chicks.Thank you.

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