Sexlink, Red -Female

Sexlink, Red -Female
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Red Sexlink Chicken

Baby: Can be color-sexed. Females are a salmon red color; Males are white.

Mature: Red feather bird with some white showing in the tail, neck and breast areas. Quiet and easy to handle. Excellent layer of large brown colored egg.

Also known as Golden Comet, Gold Star, and Cinnamon Queen.

Weight: Females 5.5 lbs.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by jtimes7
jtimes7 bought "Sexlink, Red -Female" on our website
03/14/2015 - 04:31:55 PM
Ordered 5 of these and they all arrived healthy and on time! Very happy with purchase.
Reviewed by Bbstackr
11/23/2013 - 09:03:00 AM
Great layers
My Red Sexlinks from Welp hatchery are the most prolific layers I have ever had. They matured fast and laid continuously. They are the only birds I ever had lay through the winter without supplemental lights. I will be replacing them next spring at two years old and the replacements will definitely be from Welp. Great service and healthy chicks.Thank you.

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