Broiler - Slow White - Straight Run

Broiler - Slow White - Straight Run
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Slow White Broilers are meat-type birds and good egg layers that do well in higher elevations. They are yellow in color as chicks and are white when mature. These do not grow as fast as Cornish Rock Broilers, so they can take longer to mature and are smaller. They also tend to forage more. They are 6 to 7 pounds at 10 to 12 weeks.

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Reviewed by timmy59
12/29/2020 - 04:32:45 PM
Tickled Pink
I purchased for a sustainable broiler, received 9-4-20 likely hatched 9-2.. Almost 16 weeks old now and not a single loss from the 25 birds..(apple cider vinegar w/ mother 1oz to a gallon of water.. I purchased because of Ashley's review and happy I did.. We purchased white rocks from meyer, a month earlier and these birds dwarf them.. They are heavy weights and I wouldn't be surprised if we see a 12 pounder.. My hopes are to see eggs this spring and not have to buy our broilers again..
If this pans out it was a awesome purchase..
Reviewed by Jeffreyanelson
07/14/2019 - 01:33:12 PM
Much better than Cornish cross
These birds are like a normal chicken but quite a bit bigger. They are healthy, forage for food, they do not stink and are all around better than the Cornish cross. They do take a while to get to Butcher size, maybe 3 months. They don't eat a ton of food. I just processed the last of mine that I kept to try and breed they were 11 months old. I put 22 pound of boneless skinless meat in the freezer from 5 hens and 1 rooster. They don't do quite as well as a normal chicken, feathers are thinner and I had 1 that hurt it's foot at 10.5 months old. The 5 hens were giving me 4 eggs a day. The eggs are fertile and hatch nice birds. I am now ordering buff orpingtons to do dual purpose and try to get a flock that is as healthy as an egg layer. These are great!
Reviewed by rlhagan56
rlhagan56 bought "Broiler - Slow White - Straight Run" on our website
03/15/2019 - 09:52:29 AM
Not So Good
I ordered these since I live at 5080 feet and I am disappointed. They took too long in shipment so some were DOA, in the 11 days since I am losing one chick every other day of these and the Red Broiler chicks. These slow whites are very, very small, and not growing much at all. I'm very disappointed and I've raised various meat birds for a long time.
Reviewed by
01/18/2017 - 09:40:30 AM
I reviewed these chickens back in 2014 and just wanted to update. My original chickens that I've kept are still going strong, no leg problems, no heart issues, HUGE and still laying great. I'm a few generations in on breeding them and still have great meaty chickens that lay large pink-brown eggs. My favorite hen is over 12 pounds and still gets a long just fine, she is proportional in size to weight with big breasts and lays double yolkers several times a year. These are not lazy chickens either they free range well, they aren't going to sit around the feeder and eat themselves to death.
Reviewed by lauries
11/14/2016 - 02:07:35 PM
Slow White Broiler
This is an excellent breed to raise! I raised mine with 10 dual purpose birds to 13 weeks and they did great together. They left the brooder at 3 weeks and grew fast on meat bird 20% and lots of water. Though I did not weigh them, the dual purpose birds seemed to grow faster on the higher protein feed also. I have to say that these birds eat drink and poo more than any bird I have ever raised. I followed the feeding schedule outlined for the fast growing cornish cross -eating freely for 12 hours and no feed at night for 12 hours. That seemed to work well. They were hard to train to go into the coop at night. The dual purpose chicks would be inside on the low roost and the meaties would be outside huddled in the corner of the pen, so I would go out and put them in. Finally the last month they got the hang of it and started putting themselves to bed. Whew! I was concerned by reputation of the fast growing variety that there may be leg issues or heart issues because of their fast growth but only lost one chick in the first week which is really good odds in the chicken world. The chickens when processed averaged about 5 pounds. I will definately be getting them again!
Reviewed by davecarlson
11/07/2015 - 08:52:09 AM
slow growing broiler
This is a great breed. They look like my white rocks, only bigger. They are good egg layers and great meat birds. The feed requirements are less than the cornish-rock cross, so they can be raised alongside your other birds. I let mine free range. I think that these birds are dual purpose, and very healthy and well formed. I just won first place for each a cockerel and pullet at the state fair. I entered them as white rock as I believe them to be a good white rock show bird.
They roost at night at 4 feet but are not good flyers. I have had one out of ten go broody at 30 weeks.
Reviewed by
09/13/2014 - 06:46:30 PM
My perfect chicken!
These are actually some great layers! They lay a medium to extra large egg every other day pretty much, depending on which hen. I also get about two double or triple york eggs a week from them! As for meat these guys are great. They do take longer than the cronish cross but you can really tell when they are ready. The trick is to not let them go to long, they drop that broiler look for awhile and just grow frame, however they fill right back out when fully mature and did I say they lay too! They are fair foragers and just sweet little butter balls. Mine are only on their second laying season but they aren't slowing down yet. This is my breed from now on, I will be putting in another order soon.

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