White (Broad Breasted) Turkey- Straight Run

White (Broad Breasted) Turkey- Straight Run
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White Broad Breasted Turkey

Baby: Yellow with a brown color on the end of feathers. Most popular breed of turkey. They have an all white color and are easy to dress. This is the largest turkey and will not reproduce naturally due to large size.

Weight: Hens 14-20 lbs. at 14-20 weeks, Toms 30-40 lbs. at 20-24 weeks.

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Reviewed by wascopete
wascopete bought "White (Broad Breasted) Turkey- Straight Run" on our website
10/26/2014 - 07:35:42 PM
A great turkey for dinner and pest control
We have had fun raising these. We raised them with a half a dozen blue slate turkeys. The largest tom weighed 32 lbs and smallest tom was 28 lbs. The hens weighed between 18 and 22. They are the best grasshopper deterrent I have ever seen. Once they were released from the brooder they cleaned up all the grasshoppers within days.

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