Turkeys - Assorted - Straight Run

Turkeys - Assorted - Straight Run
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Hatchery choice of Assorted Turkeys. This may contain BB Bronze, BB White, Black, Blue Slate, Bourbon Red, Midget White, Narragansett, Royal Palm, Standard Bronze, White Holland or Chocolate turkeys. Although we cannot specify the breeds shipped, they will be top quality poults!

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Reviewed by Elaina1983
Elaina1983 bought "Turkeys - Assorted - Straight Run" on our website
10/13/2018 - 10:30:22 AM
Kind ok i guess
After read review i decided buy. I got call 7:50 am they arrived at post office. At 8:45am i had birds home same day. Upon opening two where dead out 15 i bought that 20 bucks down drain... i check birds see if i could warm them up or give liquid possible might save them they were stiff so dead as door nail. 13 that are alive 2 are spanish. 2 a White BB and rest all exact same breed look like BB no real great selection. Kind bummed. But guess like casino some win some lose. No real varity.... if all but spanish are BB i going have give donate to feed a local snake at pet shop that used for movies for i do not have space for only BB birds.... will not buy this again......

Reviewed by bosscatt
08/30/2017 - 07:44:45 AM
We got our regular order of broilers, a whim order of layers and, for the first time, turkeys. 110 chirping chicks. WOOHOO! :)

There's always the reality of weaker ones expiring within the 1st day to several days of the 1st week.

For the chickens, we lost 2 broilers & 1 layer. For the turkeys, we have lost half our order of 15. The 2 days in transit proved to be too much.

We've read reviews, done the research, talked to other turkey owners so it isn't a total surprise that we've lost some.

The first week after hatching is a survival period for the turkeys as they learn how to eat/drink from copying the chicks behavior. It would appear that the 2 day transit period set back the survival lessons and the weaker chicks couldn't make the cut.

It's a gamble when ordering chicks. Overall, they are good quality birds.
Reviewed by Ivyseggs
09/04/2015 - 10:41:18 AM
Very happy
We got our 20 mixed in today (via our Sw Iowa feed store). Since we were late in the year no broad breasted were included. We LOVED this and wish there would be a non-broad breasted option through out the year. We were thrilled with the mix of breeds in the order of only 20 birds. Black Spanish, Blue Slate, Bourbon red, Midget white and even one white Holland. A great mix and much more variety then we expected. As always, healthy active poults. Will definalty order again in spring. I hope you set up a non braud breasted option that would be awesome!
Reviewed by bandeallen
bandeallen bought "Turkeys - Assorted - Straight Run" on our website
05/17/2013 - 01:08:57 PM
I ordered 15 hatchery choice and got a wonderful selection of heritage and meat turkeys. Very pleased with the health and variety. Will order again.

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