Hatchery Tour

Our eggs arrive either already in the racks (as shown), or in cases.

Our egg storage room.  The eggs are kept cool
until being set in our incubators.

Egg trays are placed inside the walk-in incubator.  Our state of the art incubators are controlled electronically and with alarm systems so that each element of the incubating process is monitored closely.  This is the first stage of incubation.

This is a view of one of the incubator rooms. 
Notice that incubators line both sides of the room.

This is our in ovo vaccination machine, which allow us to vaccinate each entire tray prior to moving the eggs to the hatchers from the incubators.

Second set of Incubators
The second stage of incubation, the hatchers.
Chicks are kept here for 3 days, where they hatch.

The trays are taken out of the hatchers to sort
the chicks from the egg shells.

The lid of the hatch tray removed, showing
the newly hatched chicks.

With the chicks removed only the egg shells remain.

Chick are moved through an area where they are
counted and spray vaccinated if requested.

A chick sexor works to separate the males and
females using the feather sexing method.

The plastic tag signifies that this stack of chicks is females.
Males have a silver metal tag.

In our boxing room, we count the chicks for each order by hand,
and sort them into special boxes suited for shipping through the mail.

Grogel supplements is sometimes used in the boxes.
This helps sustain the birds prior to arriving at your home.

This is our 100 size box, so we add 25 chicks to each corner.

These boxes are counted and ready to be strapped,
weighed and have postage added to them for shipping.

Our boxes go onto a strapping machine which allows us to
package up to 3 large boxes together if a customer has an order that size.

Next, the boxes go onto our scale, and then the postage is printed and added to the top of the box.


The boxes are strapped, weighed, and have postage added. 
They are put onto carts prior to loading them into trucks for
delivery to the postal service.

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