Poultry Order Minimums

Chicks 25
Crested Polish 25
Bantams 30
Turkeys 20
Ducklings 15
Goslings 8
Pheasants 30
Chukar Partridges 50
Guineas 30
Quail 30

Minimums are set to help ensure the birds stay warm and prevent them from shifting around throughout the shipping process. Please note that each type of fowl ordered has their own minimums, and different types of fowl CANNOT usually be combined to meet those minimums. However, you CAN usually combine different breeds within each type of fowl to meet the minimum requirements.

For example:You can order 5 Barred Rock Chicks and 20 Red Sexlink Chicks to meet the minimum of 25 standard sized chickens. However, you cannot order 10 Barred Rock Chicks and 15 Pheasants to meet the minimum because you are now shipping two different types of Fowl. Please call for details if you have any questions.

All pullets and straight run must be ordered in a quantity of 5 or more. Males may be ordered less than 5, however, there is a $1.50 fee per breed for ordering less than 5. Must still meet the minimum order quantity above in the shipment.

Cards Accepted